To guarantee the security of its server products, Inspur has built its overall product security system from four aspects, including security technology, R&D security, supply chain security and emergency response, so that security features can be effective in actual products. Inspur continuously promotes innovation and the evolution of its security technologies.

  • Security Technology:Consists of constructing a hardware, firmware, and software suite security technology architecture for Inspur server products to protect the servers against security threats and risks
  • R&D Security:The whole process of product development is supported by the IPD process and with product security baseline as the core of research
  • Supply Chain Security:Inspur establishes a sound material and supplier security management mechanism with reliable and safe production and delivery capabilities
  • Emergency Response:An emergency response center is established to receive, process and reveal security vulnerabilities and incidents of Inspur products
Server Product Security Technology Architecture

In order to achieve the security goals of server products, the security technology architecture designed for Inspur servers covers hardware security, firmware security and other aspects, and is combines with supporting software security solutions to build server security to cope with attacks and threats.