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Building customizable and converged computing platforms with cutting-edge design concepts, and enabling business agility to meet shifting demands.

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Leading AI solution provider

At Inspur, we strive to push forward the frontier of AI computing, acclerating the devolopment of the whole AI industry with our global customers. As one of the world’s leading AI solution provider, I...

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Open InCloud Platform

Inspur InCloud Platform helps customers to rapidly build smart, highly efficient, user-friendly, and stable digital infrastructures for increasingly complex business environments.

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What We Deliver

Rack Servers

Applicable for virtualization, databases, HPS, big data analysis, AI/DP, memory computing, and CDN.

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Multi-node Servers

Suitable for hyper convergence, big data analysis, HPC, distributed storage solution and other application scenarios

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Rack-Scale Systems

Suitable for virtualization, big data analysis, distributed storage solution, and other application scenarios

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Open InCloud Platform

Openness, converged, security, and intelligent

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04 10,2020

Inspur’s Storage System Ranks Top Two in the SPC Benchmark 1? Perfor...

?In the latest SPC Benchmark 1? report, Inspur’s storage system ranked top two with 7,520,358 IOPS and a 0.472 ms response time, and the cost of SPC KIOPSTM was only 60% of the first place.

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01 07,2020

Inspur Edge AI Servers Now Supporting NVIDIA EGX Platform

Highlights: 1. Inspur announced that its edge computing servers NE5260M5 and NF5280M5 now support the NVIDIA EGX platform and have obtained the NGC-Ready for Edge certification, allowing use...

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01 08,2020

A prosperous 2019 of Open Computing in Inspur

2019 is a year of progress and prosperity for Inspur in the open computing arena. As a key member of OCP, Open19 and ODCC, the world's three largest open computing standards organizations, I...

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Marketing Events

March 22-26, 2020

Inspur At GTC2020

San Jose, California, USA

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Dec 8-14, 2019

NeurIPS 2019

Vancouver, Canada

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Nov 18-21, 2019

SC 2019

Denver, Colorado, USA

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